California Lighthouses

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There are over 40 lighthouses along the California Coastline, some of which are still functional and important structures for the U.S. Coast Guard. The historical and inherently romantic notions of lighthouses in the fog, however, commonly come to mind more readily for most travelers. Fortunately, most of the California lighthouses are open to the public. They offer spectacular views, and some even house museums or a place to stay overnight.

Bed and Breakfast Lighthouse

The East Brother Light Station sits on an island about 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco, and it is an active lighthouse that also operates as a bed-and-breakfast inn. There are five rooms available, and the stay includes champagne and hors d’oeuvres, a full dinner with wine and a gourmet breakfast each morning. A boat picks up guests and personally delivers them across the bay. It takes about 10 minutes; be ready to step from the boat onto a ladder, and climb up to 12 feet, depending on the tide. The Light Station is at 117 Park Place,
Point Richmond, CA 94801, (510) 233-2385,

California Lighthouses

Youth Hostel Lighthouse

The Point Montera Lighthouse, about 25 miles south of San Francisco near Moss beach, still functions as a working lighthouse for the Coast Guard, but is also set up as a youth hostel. It is open to all ages and offers both dormitory style accomodations and private rooms. It has DSL and WiFi, and an espresso bar. Contact information: PO Box 737, 16th St at California Hwy 1, Montara, CA 94037, (888) 464-4872,

California Lighthouses

Whale Watching from Lighthouses

The Point Arena Lighthouse on the Mendocino coast juts out into the ocean for two miles, offering an excellent place to watch for California Gray Whales as they migrate from Baja to the Bering Sea during the months of December through April. It is one of the tallest lighthouses in the state, and visitors can climb to the top of it–115 feet. Overnight accomodations are available in the historic keepers home quarters, and there is a gift shop onsite. Point Arena Lighthouse: P.O. Box 11, 45500 Lighthouse Road, Point Arena, CA 95468, (877) 725-4448,


Places for Singles to Travel

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travel Spending a vacation as a single person can be a great opportunity to meet people and enrich your life. When you don’t have to consider anyone else’s needs on a vacation, you are free to create your own experiences.

Meet People
If you are traveling alone but don’t want to spend your vacation that way, consider one of Club Med’s many locations for an all-inclusive single’s vacations. Club Med offers single’s resorts in the Caribbean, South America and Europe that feature activities designed to encourage people to mingle and make new friends. Each location centers on activities ranging from sports themes to water adventures. You’re sure to meet people who share your interests.

Explore Your Wild Side
The Hedonism II resort in Jamaican is famous for offering a wild time to its patrons. Often referred to as “a real-life Garden of Eden,” the activities at Hedonism center around two beaches, one of which is nude. There are mirrors on the ceilings of every guest room, and the bars serve up notoriously tasty drinks. What happens at Hedonism stays at Hedonism, which rings especially true if there’s no one else you know there. So if going on a vacation where no one knows your name gives you an adventurous feeling, Hedonism is a great place to go to explore your boundaries, be yourself (or someone else) and have a wild and exciting time.

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Center Yourself
A vacation spent on your own can be a great opportunity to get more spiritually grounded. Kopan Monastery, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat in Nepal, has been offering spiritual guidance to Western visitors since 1969 and is a favorite vacation spot for the spiritually minded. Each year in November, more than 200 pilgrims come to the monastery for a month. However, seven- and 10-day meditation retreats are also offered where students are taught meditation skills and tools to handle problems or dissatisfaction in their lives.

Be a Kid Again
Remember heading off to summer camp as a kid? You embarked on that vacation alone as well, but when you left you developed lifelong friends and memories that you could revisit the next summer. Well, just because you aren’t a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still go to camp. There are many adults-only camps that offer a range of experiences like academic and art courses, performance workshops, and fantasy and sports camps. You can spend your vacation immersed in your favorite hobby or take the opportunity to learn a new one. Either way, you are likely to make friends in the process.

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Learn French
If you’ve always wanted to travel to France but have been wary about what to do there alone, consider taking a language course. The French American Exchange offers French lessons in beautiful Aix-en-Provence, just a few miles north of Marseille. The classes include 15 hours of instruction per week, which include language skills as well as lessons in French civilization and culture. And in the afternoons, courses in French cooking, wine tasting and more are offered for an additional fee. But the best thing about the courses is that they are not only an opportunity to learn something new, but an opportunity to meet other vacationers who share similar interests.


Finding Reliable Fortnite Hackers You Can Trust

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Fortnite is indeed an enjoyable game you can play on a wide selection of consoles. However, you would love to use Fortnite hacks to gain huge advantages. After all, it would not be fair to simply let other players use it up, while you are left behind in the game. Thus, you should look for Fortnite hackers you can trust.

How to Search for Reliable Fortnite Hackers

If you want to have a working hack that will not get you banned from Fortnite, finding a reliable source or hackers to help you is the first step to do. To help you up, here are few points you should consider in your search:

  1. Ask around your trusted friends or acquaintances that uses hacks. If you’ll ask other players in the game, they will definitely won’t tell you their secrets. Moreover, asking a trusted friend can help you find a reliable hack easier.
  2. Read reviews on the website or pages of Fortnite hackers. If they provide good service and working hacks, they should have tons of positive reviews. After all, great services always produce satisfied clients or customers, and those people would be happy to provide great feedbacks as well.
  3. They should come in great deals as well. You should be suspicious on free or cheap hacks. Try finding a reliable hack that will actually work, although you need to pay a few bucks for it. Moreover, it would be best to have deals that offers assistance for you upon setup, and one that could provide clear instruction to guide you.

Taking note of these points can help you find reliable Fortnite hackers that you can trust. This can help you have the hacks you need to gain advantage on the game, without any worries of having your account banned because of being detected by the server.