Egypt is one of the richest and most famous cultures worldwide. The mysteries of the pyramids, the infinite desert, the hieroglyphs, camels, unknown riches and the wisdom of Ancient times seduce the imagination of tourists. The art in Antiquity, the scientific progress (Egyptians were among the first ones to use a mathematical system and displayed a thorough knowledge of physics and astronomy in Ancient times) and an efficient administration stopped the Roman Empire from changing their culture during colonialism. Egyptians managed to preserve their culture through millenniums of existence.

Giza Pyramids are probably the most known attractions to visitors, famous for a difficult construction, an elaborate structure and complex meanings. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings are the runner-ups, followed by the Nile River, the Sphinx, mosques, History Museums, the Sinai Mountain, Karnak, Alexandria’s Lighthouse or the Pyramid of Khafre.

As for socializing, don’t worry. Upon meeting you, it’s a sure thing an Egyptian will invite you for a cup of coffee or tea. Keep eye contact and don’t shy away from ample gestures and passionate discourse, as people here tend to show their emotions quite often. They’re friendly people and communication skills are more important than anything else when applying for a job.

Besides its history and people, Egypt has gained some reputation for other random things. In Ancient times, they were among the first ones to use make-up, toothpaste and contraception. They were also the first ones to remove all body hair, men and women alike, since they thought it would cause infections. Egyptians used to have a 10-day week. Camels didn’t inhabit Egypt in Ancient or Medieval times. One of their pharaohs was concerned about the flies and ordered some of his slaves to cover themselves in honey so that he wouldn’t be bothered again. Another one had about 10 wives and around 100 concubines. There are just as many legends as there are documents about Egyptian history, so ask left and right for stories and you’ll surely have fun!