15 Make Life Easier Kitchen Tips

15 Make Life Easier Kitchen Tips

If you’re anything like me then you spend lots of time in the kitchen making meals and cleaning messes afterward.

My kids do have their kitchen chores, but let’s face it when it comes to taking all the food of the pots and pans or loading up the dishwasher only mom can do it right (well, that’s what I keep telling myself).

I consider myself a seasoned pro when it comes to spending time in the kitchen. Over the years I picked up many kitchen tips and tricks to make my time in kitchen as short as possible.

I know how valuable your time is so today during Monday Tips & Ideas on Daily Organized Chaos I will share with you 15 Make Life Easier Kitchen Tips.

15 Make Life Easier Kitchen Tips

Kitchen tips that will save you time, money and little bit of your sanity.

Kitchen tips that will make your busy life just a little more easier……

….Ever found yourself wondering how to clean burnt food from a pan, keep potatoes fresh, prevent eggs from cracking while boiling them or how to make hardened brown sugar soft again?

Well, wonder no more.

Here is list of 15 Kitchen Tips that will help you to do that and more:

#1 To remove burnt food from your pot with ease just add few drops of dish soap, cover the bottom with water and boil on the stove for a few minutes. You can also put a teaspoon-full of dishwasher detergent, cover it with hot water and let it sit overnight.

#2 If you don’t have a proper potato bin you can prevent your potatoes from budding by placing an apple inside the bag.

#3 If your brown sugar hardened over time don’t throw it out. Just put a slice of apple inside the container to soften it.

#4 When you’re boiling corn on the cob add a pinch of sugar to bring out the natural sweetness. Half way through add salt and stick of butter to make it ready to eat without needing to butter it.

15 Make Life Easier Kitchen Tips

#5 To remove food stains from your hands just rub sliced raw potato over the stains and then rinse and you’re ready to entertain.

#6 Kids want an ice-cream in a cone and it always seems to drip all over the house? Put a miniature marshmallow on the bottom of the cone and no mess (from the bottom, that is).

#7 In a hurry and accidentally put too much salt into your dish? Don’t worry, just put a large peeled potato into the pot while still cooking. The potato will absorb the salt like a sponge.

#8 When cooking hard boiled eggs just add a pinch of salt in to the water before boiling to prevent the shells from cracking.

#9 If you want to get the most juice out of your citrus fruits make sure they are room temperature and roll them with the palm of your hand on the kitchen counter.

#10 Celery wrapped in an aluminum foil will stay crisp in the fridge for weeks (no need for expensive Tupperware, unless you have some).

#11 Have leftover wine after a party? Freeze it into ice cubes and use it in cooking.

#12 Not sure how fresh are those eggs your fridge? Put them to the test in a pot with salt water and if the egg sinks it is fresh. Throw away the floaters.

#13 Use cake mix to flour your pan instead of a regular flour when baking a cake. The mix won’t leave the white residue afterward.

#14 When cooking pasta do not put oil into the pot while cooking. While it might prevent boiling over it will also cover pasta with a film and it will not stick to the sauce as it should.

#15 Recipe calls for buttermilk and you don’t have any? No need to run to the store just add 1 Tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to 1 cup of milk and let it sit for a few minutes.

Do you have any tried and tested kitchen tips or ideas to add to my list? Let me know and I would love to add them in my next follow up post.