Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts

Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts

A bag of goodies for each camper sets a theme and adds a festive atmosphere to a campout. Create goodie bags from brown paper lunch sacks that are biodegradable or can be burned in a campfire. Decorate the bags with stickers and colorful die-cut paper shapes. Set the tone for fun, safe outdoors adventure when you use these goodie bag ideas for campouts.Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts

S’mores Goodie Bag

S’mores are a time-honored campout treat. Give each camper his own goodie bag of ingredients. Include sandwich bags with graham crackers and marshmallows. Add a chocolate bar in its wrapper. Let campers roast marshmallows over the campfire, then layer with a chunk of chocolate between the crackers. Toss several packaged moist towelettes into the goodie bag for cleanup after the campfire treats are finished.

Fun in the Sun

Protect your campers from too much sun with a bag of summertime potions. Buy small travel-sized tubes of sunscreen, soothing lotion and flavored lip balm. Add a baseball cap or sun hat to each bag. Inexpensive sunglasses may be included.

Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts

Bug Bag

Encourage nature study by providing an insect collection kit in a bag. Place a small butterfly net, toy plastic magnifying glass and several screw-top plastic containers in each bag. Add a sealed sandwich bag with mixed chocolate covered raisins and gummy worms to enhance the creepy crawly theme. Put in a packet of bug stickers to take home as a campout reminder.

Hiking Kit

Campers who take hikes will appreciate a hiking kit goodie bag. Include packets of insect repellent wipes with DEET to ward off mosquitoes and ticks. Add an inexpensive compass and a whistle, with instructions to use only in case of emergency. Round out the goodie bag with a package of trail mix and a bottle of water. If a trail map or park brochure is available, include one in each goodie bag.

Goodie Bag Ideas for Campouts

Adult Goodie Bag

Grownups appreciate goodies bag, too. Start with an LED flashlight, with batteries inserted and ready for use. Toss in a can cooler for adult beverages and a recycling bag to carry out the empties. Put in a pack of new playing cards printed with an outdoor theme. Add small citronella candles and a pack of matches to keep flying insects away from evening campout activities.