Weight Loss Motivation

If you’re frustrated at staying excited about your fat loss efforts, at least take comfort in the fact that maintaining weight loss motivation is a problem for many.

We hope that by following the ‘no diet’ and ‘slower is better’ principles on this site and in our excellent email newsletter that you find weight loss much easier and successful than in the past. However, maintaining a positive attitude over weeks, months and even longer can often be difficult. Especially when you’d like to see much more visually significant improvements than you might be experiencing.

So, how can you keep your weight loss motivation and success at a high level? Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? This is a very powerful tool to help you reach your goals. In fact, some have found it to work for them when other plans have failed.

In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction is really about belief. What you believe about yourself and the external world is very powerful. For example, someone using the Law of Attraction in an effort to make more friends would visualize their goal on a daily basis. They would visualize easily making friends and being well-liked without any effort. And they believe it will – and is – happening to them. They work to radiate confidence in everything they do and so on. In theory, these steps help make the goal a reality in their life.

Here are some Law of Attraction tips you can use toward your weight loss efforts:

Visualize your goal

Visualization is much more than just imagining the realization of a goal. It involves putting emotion into what you see in your mind’s eye. You see specifics, like how you feel now that you’re 50 pounds lighter, how much happier and energetic you are, how positively your friends and family respond, how much fun it is to shop for clothes now, and so forth. It’s seeing and feeling a goal as if it’s actually happening in the present.

Science has confirmed the power of visualization. Use spare moments throughout each and every day to really and truly see yourself reaching your weight loss goal. When it becomes real in your mind and heart, then it will become real in your life.

Top Weight Loss Tip

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Make a plan and implement it

Visualization is powerful, but you can’t just wish and – poof! – your goals magically appear. Consider the steps you need to take to realize success. How will you make lifestyle changes that help you get what you want? What changes to your eating habits will you make? What educational efforts will you make to learn about nutrition and exercise? How often will you work out and when? How will you deal with any stress in your life so you can put more of your concentration on fat loss? What are the specific milestones and dates you’ll reach them by? Answering these kinds of questions and sticking to your plan makes the difference between planning and dreaming.

Make sure you support your plan by getting the things you need to realize success. Buy some nice workout clothes, go get signed up at the gym or purchase the workout supplies you need to exercise at home, make room in your budget for natural, whole foods, and anything else you need to keep yourself on track.

And don’t forget to reward yourself for a bit shot of weight loss motivation whenever you hit a milestone. Don’t just think of pounds and inches lost as the only weight loss milestones. Lowered blood pressure, joints that don’t ache, or heavier weight than you’ve ever lifted before are just a few examples of victories you can experience in your weight loss journey. Your rewards can be new clothes, a fancy spa treatment, a trip, or whatever makes you happy.

Think Thin

What would a thin person do in this situation? This is what you should be asking yourself throughout the day. Would a thin person drink sugary drinks and eat candy or eat healthy snacks instead? Would they spend most of their time watching TV or have a more balanced life that includes active pursuits? How much food would a thin person eat at dinner?

In many ways, the Law of Attraction is not just another weight loss tool, but should most likely be the fundamental foundation for reaching your goals. It’s been said that if you can’t ‘see’ something then you can’t do it. Maintaining weight loss motivation is made so much easier when you incorporate this powerful Law into everyday living. Give it a shot and see your dreams jump to life!