6 Reasons Why Your Cat Isn’t Feeling Comfortable In The Litter Box!

Being a cat owner, every individual understands how essential it is to keep an eye on her behavioral patterns, eating, sleeping, pooping habits, and ensuring that the cleanliness level is always on 100%! Even after leaving no stone unturned, there are uncountable situations where your cat behavior might bother you. Having the right litter box is one of the most important things if you have got a cat that lives mostly indoors. But, if you experience and notice such instances where your cat doesn’t use the litter box and runs out of it, this is an alarming signal for you! Even after you are doing every possible thing, there might be some casual mistakes that can lead to such behavior of your cat. So, here is how you can keep a track on your cat, or use best non tracking cat litter.

Here are the 6 major reasons that you might have not been focusing on!

  • Medical issues

a urinary tract infection or any kind of kidney issue might irritate your cat. So, if you witness a change in their excretion habits, always consult a vet and check out whether there are some medical issues or not. This is the very first step as there are circumstances where your cat can’t get in the litter box on time, don’t know what’s happening in its gut or feel uncomfortable in the same due to health issues.

  • Check on the cleanliness again

most of the cats are habitually clean animals and thus, your litter box cleaning schedule can certainly define whether the cat likes to be inside it or not. Bad and smelly litter box will definitely push them away, so always scoop it out and clean once every day. You can scrub the box every month.

  • Give them room and don’t take a closed litter box

a lot of pet owners prefer buying a closed box so that they can keep away with the odor. However, this confines your cat and make it feel irritated about everything, thus they run out of it again and again. So, make sure to buy the one that gives a feeling of liberty!

  • Have more than one litter boxes

while you are buying a litter box or best non tracking cat litter, make sure that you have more than one, with different sizes, designs, and structure. One would be sufficient for a single cat, but if you are bringing in more family members, you have to keep their comfort in your head.

  • Routine changes might hurt

whether you have shifted to your new home, or changed your kitty’s litter box placing area or comfort zone, every single change can create a mess. So, if any such schedule changes have happened, try to build up consistency with the same.

  • Know the preferences

cats usually like such litter boxes that give a natural feel, have sand and not huge stones. While we love perfumes and great smelling washrooms, your cat might hate so. Thus, try to understand their behavior patterns and don’t make the litter box smell like a garden full of flowers.

Keep in mind these 6 things, get them right, and see how your cat gets back on track with the Best non tracking cat litter.